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We are pleased to launch the Elie line of kayaks for 2011. While the brand may be new, the line is built on a family legacy that dates back to 1968, the year our father’s company was founded. With Elie, we are bringing more than design and manufacturing expertise to the table – we bring entrepreneurial spirit, an insatiable desire for innovation and a passion for perfection. There are plenty of kayaks on the market, but we knew we’d have a winner if we designed one that gives you more of what you want – more performance, more comfort, more features and more durability – at a price that is within your budget.

If you want to get started with a boat you can grow into, or if you’re a paddler wanting to move up to a more fully-featured, capable craft without spending a fortune, Elie kayaks are perfect for you. Novice users will appreciate their stability and maneuverability while more advanced users can take advantage of performance design elements for enhanced speed and tracking

Experience the Elie difference. Paddle one of our kayaks, and you will see why we are proud to call it family. 

See you on the water!

Antoine & Christian Elie



Elie Recreational Sea Kayaks


Day touring kayaks / The Strait family

For more advanced paddlers wanting to take longer [1-3 day] trips on larger, more challenging bodies of water.


Strait 140xe



Strait 120xe



Strait 120 & 140 (rudderless)


Recreational kayaks / The Sound family

From calm-water cruises to taking on wind and chop in bigger waters, the Sound family of kayaks will get you to your destination.

Sound 100 & 120



Sound 120xe


Sit-on-top kayaks / The Horizon family

Open decks mean they are easy to get into and out of – many like to use sit-on-tops for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Good option for those not comfortable in a sit-in kayak.

The Horizon family - Fishing kayaks

With our Horizon fishing kayaks, the difference is in the details. We thought of pretty much everything for anglers to enjoy their time chasing trophy fish, from extra-stable hull designs to sealed rod holders and integrated tackle boxes.




Horizon 80xe



Horizon 100 & 100 Angler




Horizon 116 & 116 Angler




Horizon 130





Horizon 130 T (Double)





Horizon 150 & 150 Angler