piggyback rider




The Piggyback Rider -  Now available in Australia and New Zealand.

Floating Assets will be supporting this product throughout Children's Stores & Outdoor Stores across Australia and new Zealand

We are currently looking for retailers to support this amazing, unique product.

Current Retailers:

Sydney Harbour Kayaks in Mosman, NSW sell the Piggyback Rider to retail customers and can ship all over Australia and NZ - call them on 02 9969 4590 or email at info@sydneyharbourkayaks.com.au.

They are $89.95 and $10 for shipping within Australia and $30 to ship to New Zealand

 piggyback rider

   The Piggyback Rider®




Sometimes, it's about more
than just getting there...
a portable, lightweight child carrier ...
making every adventure mutually enjoyable

Trend-setting, go anywhere Piggyback Rider®
child carrier is a shoulder mounted foot
bar for a child to stand on.
With weight at your core,
walk upright. Riders see more and rest!
On adventures year round, parent and child
bond in active transport.


Piggyback Rider


Weighing less than 1.5kg's and the size of a rolled towel, the Piggyback Rider™ is the first and only child carrier that allows you to comfortably carry a child up to 27kg's on your back. With the ease of a standard backpack, the Piggyback Rider™ provides a shoulder mounted foot bar for your child to stand on, integrated grab handles for your child to hold, and a safety harness to secure your child.

You don't get choked; your hands are free; and you walk in a more natural upright posture, engaging core muscles. The Piggyback Rider™ will get you to point B and beyond! With less effort, you can carry a child farther and longer.

The Piggyback Rider™ bonds parent and child in active transport that is natural and instinctive. No more dedicated stroller ramps or waiting for crowds to clear. No more searching for destinations or members of your group - your co-pilot has a bird's eye view over the landscape and crowd.

Older children (2½ - 7 years) love the height advantage, rest and most of all the extended quality time with their parents. The Piggyback Rider™ has unlimited year-round use, while hiking, touring, shopping, walking, watching, exploring, wandering, bonding at amusement parks, carnival, sporting events, malls, markets and everywhere else you may go. And, in the end, it's about more than just getting there; it's about an active interaction between parent and child, bringing you closer together in any adventure. The simplicity and ease of carrying a child with the Piggyback Rider™ revolutionizes child carriers and bonds parents and children in active transport.

Piggyback Rider


Piggyback Rider Features

Compact, durable & light weight

Streamlined unisex design

One size, fully adjustable

Size of a rolled towel

Weighs less than 1.5 kgs

Integrated comfort & safety

Four secure hand holds

Wide foot bar for stability

Child safety harness tethers to carrier

Padded shoulder straps with chest strap


Piggyback Rider